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What do we do?

MCW International  offers a cadre of Transformation and Change Professionals, who are experienced in effecting Transformation and Change in a Business.  We utilise Kotter's Change Implementation Methodology and a Pragmatic methodology for delivering Digital, Business, IT and Data Privacy Driven Transformations. In today's business environment, the ability to rapidly rally the entire organisation around a new strategy is more critical than ever. Time is of the essence and stakeholders demand clear sight of benefits and return on investment. Successful business transformations remain the most difficult of business initiatives to land, on time and on budget.  The market talks about digital, change management, disruptive technologies, whilst delivering armies of consultants, deflecting not sharing risk and offering nothing substantially new in their delivery approach. 

We are transforming the delivery of transformation by offering:

  • A clear transformation implementation strategy;
  • Transformation Programme professionals;
  • Training and Skills transfer to your team

True expertise is tough to find, even amongst the largest of companies.   However, if you combine great professional leaders with an approach and technology that gives them the best chance of succeeding – we believe we can deliver real and measurable benefit.