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What is the MCW  Service Outage Analysis

What is the MCW Service Outage Analysis


An SOA is activity that identifies underlying causes of an IT Service Interruption.  The SOA identifies opportunities to improve  processes and tools, and not just Infrastructure. An SOA is a time constrained, project-like activity, rather than an ongoing process of analysis.  For high performing Service providers a full analysis  must include inhibitors improvement.


Using techniques developed in Aviation, OIl and Gas and the military, the MCW Service Outage Analysis is a tool for forward thinking organisations to both analyse a recent major service Outage or incident and inform a programme of continuous improvement.    This analysis is an important deep dive that avoids the allocation of blame but is part of a portfolio of initiatives to address failings in Service management. 


After Service failings management is keen to assure stakeholders that they have control of the situation and will rush to judgement as to root cause and a long-term fix.  The MCW SOA will address the elements of any outage including:

  • Reducing the frequency and duration of outages;
  • Improving Mean Time to Repair (MTTR);
  • Facilitating the smooth management of critical outages;
  • Eliminating inhibitors to good service management.

The output of the MCW SOA is clear exposure of the risk of future outages, as well as recommendations for improvement.  MCW works with you, your partners and customers.  We examine past outages, related change and configuration artefacts and importantly we review the impact on both your organisation, service models and infrastructure on availability.