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What we do

What we do

OnDigital offers seasoned, battle hardened Programme and Project Managers with the skills and flexibility to work alongside your internal teams and drive project outcomes. A hands on professional team, that utilise an adaptive framework as opposed to slavishly following a methodology. What we do is:

  • Focus on deliverables and priorities within a flexible structure
  • Communicate plans, visions, objectives and progress at all levels
  • Engage Stakeholders and guide the mobilisation of your internal resources
  • Understand Service Management and Service Management in relation to any created business processes
  • Define, create and train processes and any resulting changes to ways of working or organisation design
  • Full lifecycle management from design through implementation and transition to live
  • Gateway reviews, milestone management, escalation processes
  • Rigorous financial and project/programme governance
  • Mentoring and leadership of internal staff as required

We deliver:

  • On time, high quality delivery of products and outcomes
  • Management confidence from control of budget, scope and timetable
  • Lower risk from structured and best practice approach
  • Stakeholder buy in from strong and clear engagement and communication
  • Clear requirements from experienced analytical skills
  • Maintained momentum from a resilient team that works well under pressure
  • Safe Change from practical change management experience