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Project Management Skills Training

Project Management Skills Training

Since the earliest development of Project Management courses and then the formal adoption of Project Management methodologies, the investment in training has tumbled.  Techniques like Agile and SCRUM have been interpreted to mean less structure and more ‘dynamic; decision making.  We are now seeing Programme Managers with decades of experience completing Projects they are almost subject matter experts in, and yet more Projects fail than ever before.  The reason is we feel, that managing a programme is seen as the application of best practice and the management of tasks.  In other words – master the technique get certified and you will be capable.

At Ondigital we consider that there is much more to it than learning a technique and following a process.  Project professionals must be hybrid professionals:

Part Lawyer, Part diplomat, Business Leader, mentor and process author.  The Project Professional often works in a vacuum and is ‘issue owner’ of last resort – the one person in a team who cannot say “This is not my problem”.  We believe it takes technical capability combined with aptitude, attitude and a singular determination to get the job done, which are not common traits.  Project Managers need to cope with high levels of stress and unrealistic expectations, they will often be making changes in the face of fierce resistance ( or apathy),  In 21st Century Europe, technique and a  certificate are not enough – training has to cover both hard and soft skills in order to produce a well round Project Manager.

Developed by expert programme managers utilising approaches used on Projects globally, Ondigital training courses cover key disciplines for delivering programs. including how to develop a business case, align programme requirements with organisational objectives, execute a programme roadmap, establish a governance framework, and manage stakeholders. WE also teach you how to identify your strengths in managing stress. You will also learn simple stress management techniques including, how to alleviate signs of stress and how to manage tough stakeholders.  As well as developing skills for delivering programmes to task we ensure You will also take away your own personal action plan to use beyond the programme.