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Wednesday, June 17 2020
MCW launches Making Travel Work

MCW has carved out of its group of businesses a new division that will focus wholly on the Travel and Tourism market sector after unprecedented demand for its services in this area.  "It was already a significant part of our business but we need to bring greater focus, and bring together our Travel experts under one team leader" explained Jonathan Pilgrim, Co-Founder of  MCW.  Buisinesses in the travel sector will not only be looking to optimise their operations but also leverage digital technologies as well as access new markets to support growth ambitions in anticipation of coming out of the global pandemic.

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Sunday, March 08 2020
MCW Consultant takes on Covid 19 Support Role

Richard J Hannah , Practice Head of MCW division, OnDigital has been assigned to work with a Government EdTech Initiative run by the National Grid for learning,  With the Covid 19 issue likely to be global for at least a year, imn ther UK the Government  is keen for schools to have broadband and a Schools network that supports working remotely.  Not only now but also should there be a second or third wave of the illness also as  part of emergency planning in the future.  The Programme is called Pledge2020 and involves over 1 million Children and 4,000 School.   Hannah is also designing softeware to support undere privaleged children and a further facility to support schools who are novices when it comes to using the cloud.

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