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We are Making Change Work

Cloud computing has become  the technology industry's latest  battleground.  There have been  forecasts that Cloud will become the most significant technological development since the break out of the personal computer.  It was said in the early 2000s that millions would lose their jobs and homeworking would be the norm. It never really happened.  Businesses have tinkered around with remote working and hot desking, different models and modes of working  have emerged but Corporate Britain largely has  clung steadfastly to a an office based ‘work hub’ with an amount of flexible home working .     Contract staff, freelancers and business services companies have been quick to embrace the benefits  - eliminating travel costs, reducing office costs and increasing valuable work hours.   Less so, traditional Office based organisations, where a culture of presenteism and multiple meetings persist  or Senior management failed to include  working online within their strategy - remote working is not without its challenges.

  • Not every business transfers well from in-person to online: Until recently, it was almost impossible to deliver a satisfactory collaborative experience online whilst proble m solving;

  • Forming an emotional connection can be challenging  because  connecting to colleagues online is not intuitive;

  • With a global pandemic cmany businesses will  chnage the way they work forever, Companies must not just survive but thrive in this new reality.  Those business continuity plans written to counteract a security threat or financial melt down are no longer adequate and we all must adapt, replan and remodel.   OnDigital – a division of Change Management Company - Making Change Work -is  purpose built to help organisations work  the new problems and produce:-

Strategies that embrace new ways of working

Strategies that embrace the people or ‘mental aspects’ of working remotely;

Strategies on how best to motivate and manage staff based remotely;

Tools to support remote working or getting the best out of the tools you have;